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Fuel your competitive edge and compete with your Rotman peers on the naviGATE platform. The leaderboard tracks your progress.

How to move up the leaderboard

Getting to the top of the leaderboard is simple. Engage with our content and reap the rewards.

Your naviGATE placement is based on the following:

  • You can reach three levels in naviGATE: Citizen, Champion and Advocate. Your position on the leaderboard reflects your level. Expect a jump in your standing each time to you reach a new level. To learn more about naviGATE’s levels click here.
  • Earn points to compete with other users in your level. Learn about the many ways you can earn points here.

naviGATE Leaderboard

# Avatar Name Points
1 Alyson colon Alyson colon 150
3 Gender and the Economy Gender and the Economy 0
4 Alyson Colon Alyson Colon 0
5 Victoria Heath Victoria Heath 0

For a complete breakdown of your earnings including: level, points and badges, make sure to check out your dashboard by clicking below.

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