The University of Toronto’s Institute for Gender and the Economy (GATE) at the Rotman School of Management is seeking two Postdoctoral Fellows to support the mission of the Institute. These are 2-year limited appointment positions.

GATE aims to use rigorous research to change the conversation on gender equality. More information can be found here: The Postdoctoral Fellows will work under the supervision of Professor Sarah Kaplan, Director, Institute for Gender and the Economy. Backgrounds of our current PostDocs can be found here:

Postdoctoral Fellowship 1: General topics on gender and the economy

This fellowship can be granted to scholars covering any aspect of GATE’s mission, including: the impact of quotas/affirmative action, gender in financial markets, diversity and financial performance, gender and the supply chain, tokenism, women’s entrepreneurship, gender differences/similarities at work, career pipelines, gender pay gap, gender and social capital/social networks, models of leadership, masculinities, boards of directors, work/life balance, sexual harassment, gendered impact of the gig economy, gender and marketing, financial and economic inclusion, gender and economic development, etc.

Because studies of gender in business and the economy may risk privileging the experiences of white professionals in North America, we especially welcome researchers examining how class, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, differences in ability and stage of country economic development affect the conclusions we can draw from research on gender and the economy.

Responsibilities: First, the PostDoc will be expected to identify and develop a research project related to gender and the economy that would be conducted in collaboration with Professor Sarah Kaplan or another affiliated faculty member. Second, the PostDoc would be expected to contribute to the research translation mission of GATE by preparing research briefs, conference summaries, case studies and data for infographics and other forms of communication. The position also includes contributing to coordination of other research, administration, and outreach by GATE. The PostDoc will be invited to participate in our regular “G-Lab” meetings as well as the broader research activities of the Rotman School and the University of Toronto including our research seminars and events.

 Postdoctoral Fellowship 2: Women and/or gender diverse people and entrepreneurship

This fellowship is in support of GATE’s role as a knowledge partner in Canada’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub (WEKH), a project led by Ryerson University and funded by the Minister for Small Business and Trade Promotion. Therefore, the fellowship can be granted to scholars whose research falls in the domain of women and/or gender diverse people and entrepreneurship/small business development, including work in STEM fields.

Responsibilities: The PostDoc will be the primary point of contact between GATE and WEKH and will also be responsible for: (1) Producing two research bulletins yearly (for a total of four bulletins) that summarize cutting edge research on themes related to women’s entrepreneurship, (2) Organizing one expert roundtable that pulls together the research conducted by the Hub and outlines outstanding research needs, (3) Contributing knowledge to the development of gender analysis training as it relates to women’s entrepreneurship, (4) Developing other related outputs as jointly agreed between GATE/WEKH and the PostDoc. The position also includes contributing to other research, administration, and outreach by GATE. The PostDoc will be invited to participate in our regular “G-Lab” meetings as well as the broader research activities of the Rotman School and the University of Toronto including our research seminars and events.

Administrative details for both fellowships

Requirements for the positions include Ph.D. in economics, sociology, political science, management, or other related social science field.

The salary will be CAD 65,000/year. Benefits include health insurance and paid vacation and sick leave. The PostDoc will also receive a CAD 5,000 research stipend per year for costs associated with research projects and conference travel.

Successful candidates will fulfill these requirements:

  • PhD or equivalent Doctoral degree (must be completed by start date of Postdoctoral Fellowship)
  • Strong writing skills, both academic and for practitioner audiences

To apply, please e-mail the following to  by March 15, 2019:

  1. Cover letter
  2. CV
  3. One representative publication or working paper
  4. A writing sample of a piece prepared for a practitioner audience (article, blog, or other), if available.
  5. Two letters of recommendation (sent directly to the email above by the recommenders)
  6. Please indicate which of the 2 post docs (or both) for which you wish to be considered
  7. Please put “Post Doctoral Fellowship Application” in the subject line of the email.

Employment as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Toronto is covered by the terms of the CUPE 3902 Unit 5 Collective Agreement. Please note that the term “Fellow” is the one mandated in the collective agreement; otherwise, we would have used the less gendered term “Scholar” in this notice.

Rotman is situated in the heart of Canada’s corporate and financial center, and the world’s most diverse city. Rotman’s core values reflect this diversity and, as such, we have a preference for candidates with demonstrated experience and interest in promoting a diverse and inclusive research and teaching environment. For more information about the Rotman School and its core values, please visit: