Alicia Riolino
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About Alicia

Alicia is a strategic thinker with a proven ability to implement change. As a Corporate Strategist she bridges gaps between external trends and internal capabilities; empowering executives to envision a better future and realize their business objectives. She is fascinated by organizational cultures and the role of leadership in supporting inclusion and equity. As the Director of Research for Diversio, she is developing a catalogue of research and insights connecting organizational inclusion to business results. Alicia holds a Masters of Arts in Economic Policy from McMaster University, where she focused on health policy and research methods. She is currently pursuing her MBA, exploring how culture is an essential factor in sustainable growth.

MBA Student Fellow Project

Through this research, Alicia aimed to understand why the capital markets industry has failed to attract and retain diverse talent. Despite being an incredibly lucrative career path, low recruitment and retention rates suggest that women are opting out of careers in capital markets, if they are choosing to enter the industry at all. In interviews with 18 men and women, currently or formerly employed in capital markets, her report provides five insights into why women are not choosing careers in this industry. Starting with gender stereotypes and industry-wide culture, this report highlights structural interventions that can improve an organization’s ability to attract and retain a more gender-diverse workforce.

Click here to read Alicia’s final report.