Help us to change the conversation on gender and other forms of inequality

Our economy and society are facing many unprecedented challenges. At GATE, we are convinced that rigorous research has the power to upend harmful narratives and galvanize change, such as building inclusive organizations, eliminating gender-based violence, and closing the gender gaps in care work, wages, leadership, entrepreneurship and organizations.

While GATE’s name has “gender” in the title, we pay a lot of attention to how race, class, sexual identity, Indigeneity, differences in ability, socioeconomic class and many other identities play a role in how we experience the world. GATE is more committed than ever to providing you with cutting-edge research and innovative ways to ensure people of all genders have the resources and opportunities that they need to succeed and thrive.

At this pivotal time, your philanthropic leadership to support GATE can set the future course for an inclusive economy.

How you can support GATE:

Our small-but-mighty team has accomplished a lot with a shoe-string budget. Check out our first 7 years of impact!

But, in some ways, we’re just getting started. That’s why we’ve launched our $10 million campaign. We’re looking for people and organizations who want to invest in increasing our impact in the coming years and hope you will want to be part of that journey with us.

Your donations will help:

“Most organizations don’t appreciate the hidden ways that gender and other intersecting identities can shape outcomes. We are introducing Gender Analytics to provide executives, managers, and analysts with core competencies in uncovering risks and opportunities that can lead to innovative product, service, process, and policy design.”

Sarah Kaplan, Founding Director, GATE

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