The Institute for Gender and the Economy (GATE) at the Rotman School of Management promotes an understanding of gender inequalities and how they can be remedied – by people of all genders – in the world of business and, more broadly, in the economy.

At GATE, we are changing the conversation on gender equality by:

  • Investigating the hidden mechanisms that propagate gender equality
  • Funding, translating, and disseminating innovative, academic research
  • Engaging executives, policy makers, and students to create new solutions for achieving equality, advancing careers, and creating economic prosperity

A Year of Impact

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The GATE Team

Nouman Ashraf
Faculty Teaching Fellow
Daphné Baldassari
PhD Research Fellow
Alyson Colón
Associate Director
Kim de Laat
Postdoctoral Fellow
Maja Djikic
Faculty Teaching Fellow
Joyce He
PhD Research Fellow
Postdoctoral Fellow
Vanessa Serra Larocci
Executive-in-Residence; Instructor
Sonia K. Kang
Faculty Research Fellow
Sarah Kaplan
Nicola Lacetera
Faculty Research Fellow
Hyeun Lee
Postdoctoral Fellow
Lechin Lu_Project Lead
Project Lead, Gender Analytics
Lindsay Manning
Director of Development (Rotman Advancement)
Dionne Pohler
Faculty Research Fellow
Carmina Ravanera
Research Associate
Omid Razavi, GATE Digital Communications Officer
Digital Communications Officer
Nika Stelman Headshot
Alumna-in-Residence; Instructor
András Tilcsik
Faculty Research Fellow

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