GATE partners with government, nonprofit and corporate leaders to change the conversation on wide range of issues including diverse representation on corporate boards, women’s entrepreneurship, pay equity, diversity and inclusion in small and medium enterprises, and transgender inclusion.

With Canada’s openness to expert guidance in driving policy making, we have the potential to become a global beacon of light in advancing economic and social equality for people of all genders.

See who is working with GATE to drive change:

Corporate Supporters

Corporate supporters are a select group of organizations that are front-runners in creating, leading and managing change. They support GATE’s work in various ways including generous donations of time and money that help us change the conversation on gender and other forms of inequality. If your organization is interested in supporting GATE, please contact

Bain & Company

Community Partners

We are proud to collaborate with our community partners on the goal of creating disruptive change for gender equality.

Catalyst Inc
LGBTQ+ Corporate Directors Canada
Pride at Work

Media Partners

We are partnering with media outlets to publish and promote our ideas. Click through the logos to see our op-ed series with The Mark News and a blog series with Stanford Social Innovation Review.

The Mark News

Academic Partners

Through our Academic Partnerships, we will continue to advance rigorous research in order to change the conversation on gender equality. These partnerships extend our reach to other institutions around Canada and beyond. Our collaborations with scholars from other universities help build critical mass for new conversations.

Engineering Success in STEM
Women Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub (WEKH)

Interested in exploring opportunities to support GATE’s transformational work through partnership? Please contact us at if you would like to have a conversation about partnership, and click here for a PDF of our brochure.