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The Institute for Gender and the Economy supports the work of several of Rotman’s student clubs that are actively engaged in projects to improve equality.


WiMen is a network of men who are committed to understanding and increasing diversity and gender inclusion in the Rotman community and in the workplace. WiMen espouses 3 core pillars: building knowledge about unconscious bias and gender differences, becoming empowered to become better leaders, and championing a unified force to improve gender equity.

To see our work in action, check out the design of everyday men design sprint here.

Students Against anti-Black Racism (SABR)

SABR supports dialogue about racism within the Rotman community to engage and unite the community in actions that will advance racial justice. They are committed to tolerance, sensitivity, understanding, and mutual respect everywhere within the Rotman community, and to provide a welcoming place for one and all. Through their educational mission, SABR aims to establish ambitious goals as they strive to increase diversity at all levels of the school.

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Rotman’s Women in Management Association (WIMA)

WIMA (Women in Management Association) promotes women in all aspects of business and management, encouraging and fostering the growth, development and advancement of women in the business community. Leveraging its strong, and diverse, network of students, alumnae and industry representatives, WIMA helps members develop the skills necessary to achieve their goals and confidently take on challenges in the work place.

To see our work in action, check out the Women in Capital Markets design sprint here.

Rotman Pride

Rotman Pride is a group of LGBTQ+ students and allies at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto. Our mission is two-fold: we aim to provide personal and professional support to LGBTQ+ students as well as create an inclusive school environment by engaging allies and building awareness of LGBTQ+ issues. Rotman Pride is supported by its allies in the other MBA clubs at Rotman.

To see our work in action, check out the Diversity and Inclusion Case Competition here.