Verónica Hernandez
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About Verónica

Understanding human behavior and social development has always been a part of Veronica’s interest. Initially, her passion for understanding consumer behavior led her to work for Mattel Latin America, where she spent seven years designing marketing strategies for top brands and had a successful trajectory positioning these brands as leaders of their categories. Although this experience provided her with a broader business acumen, her curiosity for social and human development grew. During her MBA she decided to go to Nigeria and do her summer internship as a business development advisor, and mentor rural entrepreneurs. Here, she learned that working in the business variables is very important, but also guiding the entrepreneur’s self-development is instrumental in the success of the venture. Her goal is to continue promoting a more egalitarian world, and to continue supporting minorities in accessing life-changing opportunities. Upon graduation, her aim is to continue developing her career in social innovation and development.

MBA Student Fellow Project

Through the testimonies of twenty male Rotman MBA students, Verónica aimed to understand what it means to be a man in today’s society, the challenges, and how these students understand and relate to the gender equality policies and actions underway. Further, she used these insights to propose three action plans in order to start the conversation and seize the opportunity to effectively include men by creating psychologically safe spaces for male students to raise questions, feel supported and be engaged while working towards achieving gender equality at Rotman.

Click here to read Verónica’s final report.