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Leaders across industries and borders are confronting the  most challenging questions of their careers: How can I keep my employees and customers safe? How is COVID-19 shifting consumer behaviour? And what will the new normal look like for us?  Four contributors from our Fall 2020 issue of Rotman Management Magazine share some key insights for thriving amidst the uncertainty that lies ahead.  They’ll give their talks TED-style.

About the speakers:

Sarah Kaplan is the Director of the Institute for Gender and the Economy, Distinguished Professor of Gender & the Economy and Professor of Strategic Management at Rotman. Her latest book is The 360° Corporation: From Stakeholder Trade-offs to Transformation.

Chris Stamper (Rotman MBA ’94) is a former senior executive and Chief Marketing Officer at TD Canada and has served as Chairman of the Board of the Canadian Marketing Association.

Anita M. McGahan is a University Professor at the University of Toronto, a Professor at the Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy and a Professor of Strategic Management at the Rotman School of Management, where she holds the George E. Connell Chair in Organizations & Society.

Marlys Christianson, MD, is a Professor of Organizational Behaviour and HR Management at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto.

This event was hosted by Rotman Management Magazine