GATE  Members are a select group of men or women that are passionate about creating, leading, and managing change.

You should join GATE if you are motivated co-create a world-leading institution that advances the world’s understanding of challenges related to gender and economy and generate solutions to these challenges that can be implemented, ultimately resulting in lasting, disruptive change.

Donations in any dollar or in kind amounts are welcome. Donations can be made via on online portal. Click here to donate.

All members will be acknowledged in GATE’s annual report, various multi-media communications and on GATE’s  website’s virtual member-wall. Members will also receive automatic admission into GATE’s  LinkedIn community. This community will receive direct social feeds of cutting edge research and notable gender + economy news, invitations to public lecture series’ and invitations to occasional moderated live member discussions.  Recent graduates who have contributed to the annual student gift to GATE are admitted as members for a five-year period.

Members who generously provide gifts over $25,000 are admitted into GATE’s  Power Circle.

The Power Circle Member Experience 

The iG+E Power Circle provides members with a unique opportunity to actively lead disruptive change for gender related challenges.  Specifically, the Power Circle Member experience includes:

  • Member Charter: Power Circle members will have an opportunity to meet with the faculty leadership and program team, spending 2-3 hours evaluating and discussing the member’s impact aspirations. The outcome of this meeting is a membership charter which outlines opportunities to collaborate.
  • Annual Conference: Power Circle Members will gain admission to the annual iG+E conference, alongside notable senior executives, business leaders and policy makers. As part of the annual conference, members will also have an opportunity to participate in a workshop and will be invited to a pre-conference member reception. The first annual conference is slated for Spring 2018.
  • Lecture Series:  Power Circle Members will have the opportunity to attend and receive preferential seating at up to 10 public lectures at the Rotman School of Management featuring leading thinkers active in the gender and economy space.
  • Podcasts: Power Circle Members will receive a variety of I IG+E communications and have an opportunity to participate in at least 2 IG+E Talks podcasts which will be disseminated through various University of Toronto communication and marketing channels, including the alumni network. All public multi-media can also be leveraged directly by members to showcase their commitment to Gender + Economy.  IG+E talks will officially launch in September 2017.
  • LinkedIn Group: Power Circle Members will receive admission to a LinkedIn community, comprised of a community of like-minded men and women.  This community will receive direct social feeds of cutting edge research and notable gender + economy news, event notifications and occasional moderated live member discussions.
  • Workshops:  Power Circle members will gain admission to semi-annual workshops that involve reviewing and discussing new findings on critical issues relating to gender and the economy.  These workshops will provide members with direct access to a roundtable of global thought leaders and academics.
  • Mentorship Program: Based on each individual Power Circle charter, members may have the opportunity to  complete a discrete project, engage with one of Rotman’s student business consulting practices, present a business challenge to an MBA project team to solve through design thinking and other methodologies or mentor students’ on an approved topic of choice.
  • At their discretion, Power Circles members will also have the opportunity produce a “stories of impact” video blog.