András Tilcsik
Faculty Research Fellow
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András Tilcsik holds the Canada Research Chair in Strategy, Organizations, and Society and is a Professor of Strategic Management at the Rotman School of Management. His research focuses on organizations, occupations, and work, and he is particularly interested in the causes and consequences of inequality in labor markets and the workplace. At Rotman, he teaches a strategic management elective on organizational failure; his book Meltdown, coauthored with Chris Clearfield, is based on this course and explores the enduring insights of organizational sociologist Charles Perrow.

Academic Positions


Professor of Strategic Management, Rotman School of Management


Canada Research Chair in Strategy, Organizations, and Society, Rotman School of Management


Associate Professor of Strategic Management, Rotman School of Management


Assistant Professor of Strategic Management, Rotman School of Management

Selected Publications – Papers

Not in My Schoolyard: Disability Discrimination in Educational Access

Rivera, L. and A. Tilcsik, American Sociological Review, Issue: Forthcoming 2023

Prosocial Occupations, Work Autonomy, and the Origins of the Social Class Pay Gap

Fang T. R., and A. Tilcsik, Academy of Management Journal, 2022

Statistical Discrimination and the Rationalization of Stereotypes

Tilcsik, A.; American Sociological Review; Issue:86(1) 2021; Pages: 93-122.

Scaling Down Inequality: Rating Scales, Gender Bias, and the Architecture of Evaluation

Rivera, L. and A. Tilcsik; American Sociological Review; Issue: 84(2) 2019; Pages: 248-274

Which Entrepreneurs are Coachable, and Why?

Kevin A. Bryan, Andras Tilcsik, and Brooklynn Zhu; American Economic Review (P & P); Issue: May 2017

The Geography of Stigma Management: The Relationship Between Sexual Orientation, City Size, and Self-Monitoring

Knight, C., A. Tilcsik, and M. Anteby; Socius 2016

Class Advantage, Commitment Penalty: The Gendered Effect of Social Class Signals in an Elite Labor Market

Rivera, L. and A. Tilcsik; American Sociological Review; Issue: 81(6) 2016; Pages: 1097-1131

Institutional Equivalence: How Industry and Community Peers Influence Corporate Philanthropy.

Marquis, C. and A. Tilcsik; Organization Science; Issue: 27(5) 2016; Pages: 1325-1341

When Experts Become Liabilities: Domain Experts on Boards and Organizational Failure

Almandoz, Juan, and András Tilcsik; Academy of Management Journal; Issue: 59(4) 2016; Pages: 1124-1149

Whitened Résumés: Race and Self-Presentation in the Labor Market

Kang, S., K. Decelles, A. Tilcsik, and S. Jun; Administrative Science Quarterly 2016; Pages: 469-502

Concealable Stigma and Occupational Segregation: Toward a Theory of Gay and Lesbian Occupations

Tilcsik, András, Michel Anteby, and Carly Knight; Administrative Science Quarterly; Issue: 60(3) 2015; Pages: 446-481

Imprint-environment Fit and Performance: How Organizational Munificence at the Time of Hire Affects Subsequent Job Performance

Tilcsik, András; Administrative Science Quarterly; Issue: 59(4) 2014; Pages: 639-668

Imprinting: Toward a Multilevel Theory

Marquis, Christopher, and András Tilcsik; Academy of Management Annals; Volume 7 2013; Pages: 193-243

Punctuated Generosity: How Mega-events and Natural Disasters Affect Corporate Philanthropy in U.S. Communities

Tilcsik, András, and Christopher Marquis; Administrative Science Quarterly; Issue: 58(1) 2013; Pages: 111-148

Pride and Prejudice: Employment Discrimination against Openly Gay Men in the United States.

Tilcsik, András; American Journal of Sociology; Issue: 117(2) 2011; Pages: 586-626

From Ritual to Reality: Demography, Ideology, and Decoupling in a Post-Communist Government Agency.

Tilcsik, András; Academy of Management Journal; Issue: 53 2010; Pages: 1474-1498

Selected Publications – Books and Chapters

MELTDOWN: Why Our Systems Fail and What We Can Do About It; Chris Clearfield and András Tilcsik; New York: Penguin Press; 2018.