Asli Zayim
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About Asli

Asli has an educational background in Industrial Engineering and Psychology. She is passionate about design thinking ready to create innovative solutions with high social impact. Before Rotman, she worked in the retail industry where she led commercial and strategic planning of product launches across global duty-free markets including Israel, Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia. Over the years, Asli supervised several volunteer projects for women’s rights and gender equality to address issues such as unequal access to education, child marriage and domestic violence. During her undergrad as a Psychology Research Assistant, she worked on a mental health project sponsored by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) to prevent postpartum depression through measuring declarative memory during pregnancy. Currently, she volunteers as a mentor at the Canada Learning Code.

MBA Student Fellow Project

Through her research, Asli aimed to understand why women remain notably underrepresented at leadership levels in the technology industry. Despite concerted efforts on diversity, progress toward gender parity has been slow suggesting that women lack equal opportunities and encounter barriers that impede their career growth and progression into leadership roles. In interviews with 7 Human Resources professionals, her report provides insights into why women’s share of leadership is far from parity and what makes current diversity efforts less effective. Starting with talent decisions and how unintended bias impacts decision-making, this report highlights the importance of diversity at the decision-making tables, and how the paucity of women role models in the upper echelons of management perpetuates the status quo, amplifying the impact of leadership attributes premised on pernicious gender stereotypes.