Bilal Habib
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About Bilal

Bilal is an entrepreneur with his own translation and transcription business that he spent 6 years building before deciding to return to school to pursue an MBA. He has also started a non-profit to encourage sufferers of various mental health issues to keep fighting and seek help. In his personal life, Bilal has seen the suffocating effects of patriarchy and gender inequality on the individuals, families, and communities around him. This has inspired him to learn more about gender inequality so that he can help empower others. Bilal is also fascinated by the impact that gender equality has on men. 

MBA Student Fellow Project

A video project in which Bilal Habib explores the role of masculine identities on the well-being of men. After recalling his earliest experiences with patriarchy and the need to empower women, Bilal dives into the harmful consequences of gender norms on men. In exploring this topic, he interviews various distinguished scholars who go into detail about gender norms and their rigidity, socialization, labour force, mental health, and many more.