Chantal Chizea
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About Chantal

Before Rotman, Chantal worked as a Reservoir Engineer for Shell Nigeria. Her passion for Diversity and Inclusion in all spheres led her to serve on the Executive Committee of the Shell Women’s Network where she was primarily concerned with career development, growth, and advancement of women in the male-dominated workplace. Chantal has volunteered regularly for the Society of Petroleum Engineers as part of the women development program and actively seeks opportunities to contribute to developing the female talent pipeline in STEM through coaching and mentoring. Passionate about giving back, Chantal also initiated and led the Feed #400 charity project in Lagos Nigeria.

Through her lens, as a GATE MBA Fellow, Chantal looks forward to lending her voice and skills to developing creative lasting solutions to gender-equality challenges, debunk gender bias, and promote equity and fairness. Chantal believes diversity is not enough, inclusion is necessary to achieve the big wins that we seek.

Chantal holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Nigeria and a Master’s of Science degree in Environmental Engineering and Project Management from the UK. She is a Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) certified engineer and a recipient of the prestigious Forté Fellowship Award.

MBA Student Fellow Project

Chantal’s project looks at the impact of COVID-19 on women entrepreneurs in NigeriaChantal explored the challenges and barriers that existed before the pandemic, new hurdles women entrepreneurs face during the pandemic and how these women are adapting to endure the economic damageChantal illustrates the trade-offs that her interviewees are having to make and suggests interventions that will help entrepreneurs recover and thrive in a post-pandemic Nigeria.