Chinedum Nwaogwugwu
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About Chinedum

From analyzing complex cross-border transactions performed by multinational firms at a Big 4 firm to developing initiatives that cater to marginalized populations, Chinedum pursues opportunities that leverage her passion for leading people, solving problems, and creating a positive impact. Chinedum strongly believes that education and empathy are key to understanding women’s position in society. In 2017, she designed and executed an initiative geared towards raising awareness about the importance of menstrual health on women’s and girls’ socio-economic participation. Upon completing the MBA, she intends to leverage her knowledge and experience to continue working towards eradicating systems that perpetuate the cycle of inequality.

Chinedum is a 2nd year MBA candidate at the Rotman School of Management and holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Economics from Clark University. She is also a bilingual French and English speaker.

MBA Student Fellow Project

Chinedum’s paper examines the sexist portrayal of career women in Nigerian films. She has chosen these films as the focus of her analysis because of the power that films have in influencing beliefs about how Nigerian women should behave and what we should be permitted to do. In her analysis, Chinedum uncovers and calls out the common sexist ways in which the career woman is represented, depicted, and treated in Nollywood, highlighting recurring tropes and including specific examples from 10 popular films. In addition to the film analysis, she conducted informal interviews with 6 Nigerian women to explore the impact of Nollywood’s depiction of the career woman on these women’s perceptions of themselves.