Christopher Hand
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MBA Student Fellow Project

In their GATE MBA Fellow research project, Christopher attempts to demystify the often-misunderstood aspects of gender non-conformity, exploring questions around biology, societal expectations, clothing, makeup, and more. Using a common three-pronged framework, they analyze the intricate relationships among physical characteristics, gender expression, and gender identity. Join Christopher as they challenge archetypal notions of gender, interpret data they gathered from other MBA students, and strive towards a better understanding of all gender identities. Start questioning, ‘What is gender anyway?’ and get ready to expand your perspectives!

Additional resource: 

A small directory on gender nonconformity

About Christopher

Christopher set out to own and operate luxury hotels, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in business administration from a world-leading Swiss hospitality institution, before pivoting to medical services for the elderly. After pursuing a second bachelor’s degree in the USA, Christopher began to work in the senior living industry and quickly became one of the youngest Dementia Care Directors in North America. Christopher has made it a priority to mentor queer and trans talent throughout their career and even founded one of the USA’s first LGBTQ+ focused support groups for Alzheimer’s disease. Now a Rotman MBA, their dream is to turn their passion for service excellence into human-centered business models that incorporate necessary operational components while giving greater attention to individual identities, design, culture, and the quality of life of the most disadvantaged.