Corrina Vali
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MBA Student Fellow Project

In her BMO GATE MBA Fellowship project, Corrina presents a case study of Mujer Emprende, a microcredit product developed by MiCredito, Nicaragua’s most profitable microfinance institution. Mujer Emprende provides credit to first-time women entrepreneurs, largely from poor families, who find it difficult to get loans without a business track record, collateral or guarantees. By using innovative product features and customer development approaches, Mujer Emprende has managed to de-risk “risky” clients, remain profitable and change lives! Watch her video to learn how they designed a profitable product for the Base of the Pyramid (people living on less than $4/day) and how you can too!

Read Corrina’s case study on Mujer Emprende. 

About Corrina

Corrina the co-founder and CEO of Tarrina Health, a B2B healthcare distribution startup improving access to health products in small town and rural India. Corrina is passionate about building a world where everyone lives with a sense of dignity and equal opportunity, including those living in abject poverty. Before starting her MBA at Rotman, Corrina was the Director of Growth at Fortify Health, a charity startup reducing iron deficiency anemia at scale in India.