Dotun Ogunlela
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MBA Student Fellow Project

From Boardroom to Playroom: Challenges of Working Mothers in Nigerian Corporations delves into the problems faced by working mothers in Nigerian companies, as revealed through firsthand interviews, extensive research and Dotun’s experiences. Nigeria’s deeply patriarchal society exacerbates the challenges working mothers face, ranging from missed promotions to insufficient maternity leave and absence of on-site support facilities. By advocating for policy reform, cultural evolution, and empathy in the corporate environment, this project aims to empower working mothers and foster gender equality. Understanding and addressing these obstacles is as essential for mothers’ well-being as is crucial for economic growth and societal progress.


About Dotun

Dotun has been a lawyer for over 11 years, with 7 of those years spent structuring deals and providing legal advice in the oil & gas industry. Through her Rotman MBA journey, she is eagerly transitioning to a career in consulting. Having witnessed the debilitating effects of gender inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa, particularly Nigeria, Dotun is passionate about turning the tide. Inspired by the amazing life her mother lived, Dotun demonstrates her dedication to women and economic empowerment by volunteering with feminist and poverty alleviation causes, mentoring young women interested in pursuing MBAs or transitioning to consulting, and establishing a company which provides legal solutions to underserved Nigerians.