Fatima Saya
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About Fatima

A joint-MBA and Master of Global Affairs Candidate, Fatima is an advocate for what she calls interdisciplinary empathy, seeing huge potential in the sharing of experience and expertise across industries. Throughout her experience in the social sector, she has worked with stakeholders at all levels to build sustainable cross-sectoral programs with demonstrable social impact. As a Project Manager with a non-profit that engaged in diversity & inclusion initiatives, Fatima worked with the Ministry of Education in Quebec to develop diversity programming in high schools. Looking to use her business education to continue to bridge the management gap in the social sector, she is currently working with Rotman’s Nexus Consulting Group, providing management consulting services to social sector executives. Fatima graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs and Economic Development. She is passionate about women’s economic empowerment, both internationally and in Canada, where she is working with the Women in Management Association to give women the tools to challenge perspectives and opinions of equity in b-schools and in the workplace.

MBA Student Fellow Project

Fatima sought to analyze how discussions about gender equality were presented in the core MBA curriculum at Rotman. She discovered, however, that this was an issue the Rotman administration had recently begun working to address, so she turned her attention instead to student perceptions. Using an online survey, she collected data on how students gauged the importance of including discussions of gender equality in the curriculum and found some surprising insights.

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