Grusha Agarwal
PhD Fellow
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Grusha Agarwal is a PhD student in the Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management (OBHRM) department at Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. Her research interests revolve around investigating behavioral approaches to diversity, focusing on organizational initiatives or nudges that can challenge and disrupt existing gender/racial biases. One line of research involves using a racial labeling framework to understand identity and inclusion. Particularly, how do employees feel about and manage disclosing their racial group membership to organizations using the labels that are imposed on them, with a specific focus on differences between employees that identify with historically devalued groups vs majority groups. Another line of research includes examining organizational diversity initiatives like diversity statements and “diversity hiring” to understand their effectiveness, their impact on minority employees who they are supposed to target, and subsequent interventions that may alleviate concerns with those initiatives. Prior to joining U of T for her PhD, she was a Research Associate at Columbia Business School for two years. She has completed her BSc in Psychology from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.