Mauricio Sanchez Ramirez
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MBA Student Fellow Project

Exploring Diversity: Considerations for Brand Managers in Fostering Women’s Representation in CPG Advertising sheds light on the persistent stereotypes and inequalities prevalent in advertising and marketing campaigns of major CPG brands in Canada. Mauricio’s research, utilizing qualitative analysis, interviews, surveys, and literature, reveals that while progress has been made in addressing these gaps, most campaigns continue to portray women through outdated models and clichés, failing to align with the realities of today’s society.

This project aims to spotlight how women are represented, highlighting its impact on product availability and urging brands to target a broader spectrum of diversity. By advocating for inclusive advertising practices, this study aims to inspire positive change, challenging norms and emphasizing brands’ responsibility in fostering equitable representation.

Considerations for Brand Managers in Fostering Women’s Representation in CPG Advertising

About Mauricio

Born in Mexico City, Mauricio holds an Honours Bachelor of Design and Visual Communication. He has volunteered in various organizations in Mexico, China and Canada, where he has had the opportunity to develop a genuine interest in diversity and inclusion themes. Before Rotman, Mauricio reflected this passion by creating various marketing campaigns for international singers and brands on radio, television, and online platforms. Through such initiatives, he sought to promote messages and characters aligned with gender equality and diversity in all its forms. As a passionate advocate for inclusive leadership in the media and entertainment, Mauricio is looking to lean on GATE to help improve projects in this industry and remedy the persistent gaps.