Pablo Naze
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About Pablo

Pablo is a technology professional that holds a 360º view of the entire tech ecosystem having worked in venture capital, hyper-growing startups, and established technology enterprises. As part of Brazil’s first “unicorn” startup, he led the company’s initial data analytics efforts and also founded and led an internal LGBTQ2+ group, developing initiatives to raise awareness around diversity in tech. More recently, as part of his summer internship at IBM, Pablo gained insight about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, forces that are changing how our society operates. Upon graduation, Pablo aims to help companies to drive business value from technological innovations, while also advocating for more diversity and inclusion in technology. Pablo is a second-year MBA student and also holds a Bachelor in Economics from the University of Sao Paulo.

MBA Student Fellow Project

In his project, Pablo investigated the latest research regarding gender bias in Machine Learning. Drawing insights from technical papers, conferences, and interviews with practitioners, Pablo’s report question what companies need to do to take advantage of the many resources available in the growing field of Machine Learning Fairness. Pablo’s key insight is that bias in Machine Learning is more than a technical challenge, requiring leadership and organizational change from companies. The result of his investigation is a framework (Understand Fairness, Engage Stakeholders, Build Fairness Skills) to help companies navigate the complex landscape of mitigating gender bias in Machine Learning.

Click here to read Pablo’s final report.