Sara Wolfe
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Sara Wolfe (kwe/she/her) is an experienced executive with a passion for driving positive change and uplifting innovation. She brings a unique blend of design,, and strategy expertise with a deep understanding of the needs of Indigenous, queer, and underserved communities working across health, entrepreneurship, and impact investing. 

Sara is a Registered Midwife and Registered Nurse with an MBA from the Rotman School of Management. She was the Founding Partner and Managing Director of the first urban Indigenous-focused midwifery practice group, Head Midwife at one of Canada’s largest hospitals, and led the development and implementation of the Toronto Birth Centre facility. Her transition to social finance and impact investing in 2019 expanded her skills and expertise in support of Indigenous entrepreneurs and the fast-emerging Indigenous economy. This has allowed her to participate in many meaningful advisory roles including the UN Post Covid Research Roadmap, Canada’s Moonshot Innovation Policy, and co-chairing the Rotman Indigenous Task Force. 

Sara has taken on number of governance roles over the past 20 years and currently sits as the Board Chair of Health Nexus, as a Director on the Equality Fund, and as a member of the McMaster University Future of Canada President’s Council. In 2023 she will complete the Institute of Corporate Directors Director Education Program. Sara is dedicated to creating transformative solutions that bridge Indigenous knowledge and worldviews toward the creation of meaningful opportunities for equity, peace, and reconciliation.