Tanmay Padhye
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Tanmay is currently pursuing an MBA at the Rotman School of Management, bringing with him over four years of extensive experience in management consulting and finance advisory across Asia and Europe. With a professional degree in Finance and Accounting, Tanmay has adeptly combined his academic knowledge and problem-solving skills to provide innovative solutions to clients. During his undergraduate studies, Tanmay encountered first-hand instances of financial exclusion and limited access to education, characterized by gender divide and poverty, which ignited his passion to address these challenges. This drove him to explore opportunities in both for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, aiming to make a positive impact. Through his internship, Tanmay aims to leverage the mentorship and support network provided by the GATE team to further enhance his toolkit for promoting financial inclusion, particularly by learning from initiatives undertaken in developed countries, and ultimately making a meaningful difference in underserved communities.