Vanessa Ko
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About Vanessa

From solving complex policy problems through data science at the University of Chicago to driving innovation in the humanitarian sector, Vanessa has pursued opportunities that connect ideas, people and sectors together to create a positive impact in a global marketplace. Currently, she is pursuing a joint MBA/Master of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto, exploring how collaboration across sectors, rigorous research and bottom-up advocacy can foster change across multiple sectors and industries. Vanessa also holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honours from McGill University, with a major in Political Science and minors in Economics and International Development.

MBA Student Fellow Project

Vanessa proposed developing a podcast series exploring the “business case” for diversity and inclusion. Her podcast offers a discussion of why talking about the business case is not enough – we have to change the structures and systems that lead to inequality and inequity. The podcast series highlights companies and individuals, in a variety of sectors, that are working to move beyond the business case.

Ready to listen?

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