Zolzaya Erdenebileg
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About Zolzaya

Zolzaya is an entrepreneur and sales and marketing professional with a passion for technology, start-ups and social impact. She has pursued the intersection of all three through her career and personal projects, including leading market research efforts with her time at Nielsen China, building brand positioning for small business through her freelance work, advocating for diversity and inclusion in tech with Ladies Who Tech, and now researching and exploring with GATE. A believer in the ability of business and tech to do good, Zolzaya hopes to leverage her background, experience and MBA to enact positive, innovative change through her work.

MBA Student Fellow Project

Fintech innovation, through all its forms – technological, business and digital, has often been described as a democratizing influence in the field of financial services and products. By lowering the costs and barriers to participation, fintech innovation can conceivably reach demographics that have often been underrepresented or even left out. One such large demographic is women. In this series of articles, originally published on Medium, I seek to understand how fintech innovation has or has not affected women consumers, and what fintech leaders need to know in order to appeal to and acquire the rapidly growing demographic of women customers. In particular, I focus in-depth on the idea of gender-intelligent design for customer acquisition, the rise of the more targeted inclusive fintech model, and the role and precautions needed for AI and ML technologies within financial services.

Part 1 – Financial services are failing women – can fintech be the solution

Part 2 – How can fintechs serve more women customers? The gender-intelligent design to drive business and inclusion

Part 3 – Can women-focused inclusive fintechs bridge the financial gender gap? 

Part 4 – Gender AI and credit: how AI affects the fintech gender gap