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Today’s employers want to make a real impact on diversity and inclusion in their organizations and their markets. Stand out from the crowd and signal to prospective employers that you understand the issues and know how to truly move the dial to create inclusive products, services, and workplaces.

Begin your journey as a Gender and Equity Citizen

As a new member of the naviGATE community you are immediately recognized as a Citizen for Gender Equality. Earn points and badges to secure your spot in the next two levels and earn your certificate!

Work your way up to being a Gender and Equity Enthusiast

  • Accumulate 250 points
  • Obtain 3 badges
  • Attend 1 GATE hosted event 

Complete your journey by becoming a Gender and Equity Champion

GA Champion

  • Accumulate 500 points
  • Obtain 6 badges 
  • Attend 2 GATE hosted events
  • Submit a 500 word essay on what you’ve learned.

naviGATE champion certificate

Earn your certificate and demonstrate to employers that you understand what it takes to make truly inclusive products, services, and workplaces.

GATE is excited to help you level up your career ambitions and showcase your commitment to gender, diversity and inclusion!