You receive points every time you do a point-generating activity. Point-generating activities include reading GATE research briefs, listening to GATE podcasts, sharing GATE’s content on social media, and more. Click here to learn more about point-generating activities. When you’ve done one of these activities, a pop-up in the bottom-right corner of your screen will let you know how many points you have earned. You can also see your total points on your dashboard.

Remember, you must be logged in to your naviGATE account to earn points!

Badges are different from points because you need to complete specific and sometimes multiple tasks to earn them.

There are two kinds of badges: Explainer Journeys and Milestones. Explainer Journeys are a set of tasks related to GATE’s Explainers which are curated collections on hot topics related to gender and the economy. When you click on an Explainer and read through it, a pop-up will tell you which other tasks you need to complete to receive that Explainer Journey badge. These tasks may include reading one of the Explainer’s articles or watching a related video.

You earn Milestone badges by doing pre-defined tasks, such as attending your first GATE event, watching your first GATE video, or referring a Rotman peer to naviGATE.

Click here to learn more about earning badges.

Your naviGATE placement on the leaderboard is based on the following:

  • You can reach three levels in naviGATE: Citizen, Enthusiast, and Champion. Your position on the leaderboard reflects your level. Expect a jump in your standing each time to you reach a new level. To learn more about naviGATE’s levels click here.
  • Earn points to compete with other users in your level. Learn about the many ways you can earn points here.

There are three naviGATE levels. You will start your journey at the level of Gender and Equity Citizen. To reach the next level of Gender and Equity Enthusiast, you’ll have to earn 250 points and 3 badges as well as attend a GATE hosted event. To reach the level of Gender and Equity Champion and earn a certificate, you’ll have to earn 500 points and 6 badges, attend 2 GATE-hosted events, and submit a short essay on what you’ve learned from your journey through GATE’s resources. Click here for more details.

The Gender and Equity Enthusiast rank or Gender and Equity Champion certificate are great to list on your resume and post on LinkedIn.

You cannot earn points if you have skipped any part of a video, so make sure you’ve watched the entire thing!

You can reach out to if you have any questions that we haven’t answered here.