Ann Olasa
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About Ann

Ann is a Design practitioner who began her career in the Fashion industry back in 2016. In creating collections to help her customers feel their most confident selves and working with internal and external stakeholders to bring these designs to the market, her eyes were opened to the power of human-centered problem solving in addressing the many forms of  inequities that exist in society. She decided to study Business, Strategy and Finance to position herself as a more versatile and well-rounded designer and went on to apply these skills to creating change in the Fintech industry with her MBA.

MBA Student Fellow Project

In her GATE research project, Ann discusses the power that fashion has to reflect and shape culture, and examines the role the industry plays in challenging gender norms.  With insights gathered from personal experience, desk research and interviews with designers from different parts of the globe working in various types of establishments, this project analyzes the progress made in the industry as it relates to gender equity and, the barriers that hinder this progress further and offers a set of recommendations on how these may be overcome.