Ria Dutta
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About Ria

Ria is a self-aware individual who very early in life understood the opportunities she has been afforded as a female, in comparison to the vast majority of women and little girls whom she encountered while living and travelling across the globe. To make a difference, she joined the World Youth Alliance (WYA, New York) as an intern, and gave an intervention speech on the topic of maternal health at the United Nations 54th Commission on the Status of Women. More recently, she co-founded ‘The Tiebrary’, a company to support marginalized children with books and iPads from the sale of handmade silk ties. As an aspiring leader in the business world, she is committed to engaging in conversations about gender equity in the workplace. Ria is presently working full-time as an Assistant Marketing Manager while pursuing her MBA at the Rotman School. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree from the University of Waterloo.

MBA Student Fellow Project

Ria sought to understand the lack of representation of women at the management level in Canada. Using video as her medium, she engaged current MBA students, alumni, and high-profile executives to address this issue through interviews, and found that “sponsorship” was a significant tool in solving the gender gap in business. Her final video series will not only answer what sponsorship is but will also explore what it looks like in practice.

Preview: What exactly is sponsorship in business?

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