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Men are 50% more likely to attribute their advancement to the support of a senior leader than women are. Yet, 80% of companies lack a formal sponsorship program.

High potential women are over mentored and under sponsored. But what is sponsorship?

In this video, Rotman MBA Student Fellow, Ria Dutta, interviews several practitioners, academics, and activists from organizations such as Catalyst Canada; the University of Toronto; the Bank of Montreal; and McKinsey & Company, about sponsorship in business and how it’s different from mentorship.

About this video: 

This video series was supported by the Institute for Gender and the Economy (GATE) as part of the MBA Student Fellows program, which seeks to engage students in advancing the agenda on gender equality.

Disclaimer: This video series was prepared by Ria Dutta, and the opinions expressed in this series do not necessarily reflect the views of the Institute for Gender and the Economy or the University of Toronto.

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