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The Issue student zine, published by the Institute for Gender and the Economy (GATE), is seeking visual art, poetry, written and visual essays, op-eds, interviews, short stories, comics, photography, multimedia (audio or video) and any other creative work for our first volume on the theme of UN/EQUAL REFLECTIONS.  

We encourage you to explore your own reflection, not only in the mirror but also in class, on public transit, at parties, in cafés, at work, and elsewhere. What’s reflected back at you? How un/equal do these reflections look and feel? Do you get a sense of community, acceptance, individualism, disdain, or something in between? 

At GATE, we’ve been reflecting on the nexus of the personal, the communal, and the professional, and where in/equalities lie. We encourage you to do some reflecting of your own on the in/equality in your life and to submit your creative work on the subject to by March 18, 2024. For our first volume, we will only be accepting submissions from students at the University of Toronto. Please send your name and year at University of Toronto along with your submission. 

Topics to think about: 

  • Representation (or lack of it) in school, at work, in politics, etc.  
  • Exclusion and erasure 
  • Being missing or disappearing 
  • “Finding yourself” 
  • Self-love and self-care 
  • What does it mean to be included? 
  • Experiencing homogenous groups or communities 
  • “Being seen” 
  • Microaggressions and discrimination 
  • Whatever else you take from this!