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This report, which is a collaboration between GATE and the Criterion Institute, highlights the power of gender-based analysis to uncover novel insights derived from addressing the needs of previously overlooked and marginalized groups. This approachoffers substantial benefits to organizations, industries, and sectors. The Institute for Gender and the Economy coined the term “Gender Analytics” to capture the qualitative and quantitative analytical and design processes required to do gender-based analysis.   

The Criterion Institute has been at the forefront of gender-lens investing, which is the integration of gender analysis into investment systems. In doing so, they have focused on the systems of power that underlie marginalization, and ways to build capacity to analyze patterns of power dynamics, which they call a “translation” capability.  

This report shows how gender-based analysis and the “translation” function enabled 4 organizations to uncover opportunities that organizations operating in traditional ways have not been able to address or even identify. We hope this report and the accompanying full case studies in the appendix spark ideas and conversations on how organizations can leverage the numerous benefits of intersectional gender-based insights. 

Read ‘Translating Insights into Impact: Using Gender-Based Analysis to Create Transformational Innovation’ Report