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Women do not invest their money as much as men, even though they control 40% of the world’s wealth. Trish Costello created Portfolia, a financial tech firm, to “unlock women as investors” and back innovative companies with diverse leadership that are contributing to solving social problems.  

Course Topics:
  • Finance and investing 
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship 
  • Business design 
  • Gender analysis 


Portfolia is a financial tech firm, with venture capital as its first product. The company was founded by Trish Costello to activate the wealth of women in an engaging way. Costello has years of experience in the venture capital industry including co-founding the Kauffman Fellows, where she trained people to work in venture capital. During her time with the Kauffman Fellows, Costello felt that she was making a difference in the ability of women to be active, successful investors in venture. Over 25% of the fellows were women and the program was placing them in the industry as leaders. After returning from a break with fresh eyes, Costello realized two things: first that her efforts at Kauffman Fellows were not moving the needle, as women were still not becoming active investors in venture capital, and second, that women’s financial power was growing. 

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This case was written by:

This case was written by Ana Baseio and Victoria Sahagian. The authors prepared this case under the supervision of Professor Sarah Kaplan, with guidance from Alyson Colón, Bonnie Lam and Vanessa Serra Iarocci and research assistance from Carmina Ravanera. The authors are grateful for the participation of Trish Costello in this project.