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At the Institute for Gender and the Economy (GATE), we are changing the conversation on gender equality by:

  • Instigating academic research
  • Mythbusting tired ideas
  • Inspiring disruptive change

This year, GATE continued to build momentum! We are growing our community and global footprint with several high-profile media appearances in outlets such as CNN politics, Harvard Business Review, and Wired; informing government policy with a two-day Symposium on Women and the Workplace with Minister Patty Hajdu; introducing policy briefs which tackled pertinent topics such as “Diversity and inclusion in small and medium enterprises (SME’s)”; hosting 14 panels, lectures, and events with over 2,000 attendees; and supporting our student hackathons on designing the everyday man and LGBTQ+ inclusion. These are all ways we are working to inspire innovative new ways to change the conversation on gender equality.

We invite you to explore our past year through this interactive report.