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At the Institute for Gender and the Economy (GATE), we are changing the conversation on gender equality by:

  • Instigating cutting-edge academic research
  • Mythbusting tired ideas that are holding back progress
  • Inspiring disruptive change with game-changing guidance

2021 has been a year of hardships and hope. At the Institute for Gender and the Economy (GATE), we faced the pandemic by doubling down on generating game-changing guidance for corporate leaders, non-profits, and government policymakers. As Arundhati Roy has said, the pandemic is a “portal” through which we can see many of the fractures in society that might have gone unnoticed or unheeded in the past by people in positions of power. GATE has focused on using everything that rigorous research can tell us to shape the social and economic recovery from this collective trauma.

Despite the circumstances, this year GATE continued to build momentum. We invite you to explore the past year with us. In it, you’ll learn about the path-breaking research we’ve funded, the students and post doctoral fellows we’ve supported, and the impact we’ve had on policy and practice.

We invite you to explore our past year through this interactive report.