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At the Institute for Gender and the Economy (GATE), we are changing the conversation on gender equality by:

  • Activating myth-busting insights from academic research
  • Advancing game-changing guidance
  • Inspiring students and leaders to make disruptive change

2020 has been a year of hardships and hope. At GATE, we faced the crisis by doubling down on creating game-changing impact. As the pandemic hit, we immediately pivoted to advocate for an equitable recovery. Our primer on the gendered impacts of COVID-19 brought to our country’s attention the ways that the health and economic crisis exploited existing gender and racial vulnerabilities. Through GATE’s partnership with YWCA Canada, Canada became the first country in the world to have a Feminist Economic Recovery Plan. And, we launched a new on-line 5-course specialization on Gender Analytics: Gender Equity Through Inclusive Design so that people around the globe who are stuck at home can access GATE’s insights for impact. GATE is committed more than ever to provide innovative ways to change the conversation on gender equality!

We invite you to explore our past year through this interactive report.

Annual Report 2020 cover