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Lasting, Disruptive Change

Corporate partners are a select group of established organizations that are front-runners in creating, leading, and managing change.  You should partner with the Institute for Gender + the Economy if you are ready to drive lasting, disruptive change by:

  • Adopting a “new way to think” about gender-related challenges;
  • Co-creating a world-leading hub to advance our understanding of problems related to gender and economy; and
  • Collaborating on actionable solutions to gender-based challenges.

Corporate Partnership requires a minimum two-year commitment of at least $25,000 per annum.

The list of all of our current partners is on our main community page here. Please contact us at if you would like to have a conversation about partnership. See here for a PDF of our brochure.

The Corporate Partnership Experience

For a list of our Corporate Partners, please see our community page here.

Partner Charter

Partnership with the Institute for Gender + the Economy begins with meeting our faculty leadership and program team, spending 2-3 hours evaluating and discussing the partner’s current issues relating to gender and economy. The outcome of this meeting is a partnership charter which outlines opportunities to collaborate across the Rotman School.

Annual Conference

Your employees and/or clients will be invited to attend the Institute for Gender + the Economy annual conference, alongside notable senior executives, business leaders and policy makers. As part of the annual conference, you will also have an opportunity to speak or host a workshop and will be invited to a pre-conference partner event, providing networking and engagement opportunities. The first annual conference is slated for spring 2018.


Your employees will be invited to attend the Institute’s semi-annual workshops that involve reviewing and discussing new findings on critical issues relating to gender and the economy. These workshops will provide you with new ways of approaching gender-based challenges, as well as actionable insights to drive change within your organization.

Lecture Series

You, and a select group of your employees and/or clients will receive complementary passes to attend the Institute for Gender + the Economy’s lecture series. These lectures will provide you with access to leading thinkers active in the gender and economy space as well as an opportunity to network with like-minded peers and Rotman alumni.

Institute for Gender + the Economy Podcast

You will have an opportunity to participate in at least four podcasts, which will be disseminated through various University of Toronto communication and marketing channels, including the alumni network. You can leverage all public multimedia to showcase your relationship with the Institute for Gender + the Economy and its commitment to advancing equality.

In addition to the partner experience set out above, the Rotman School also has many opportunities for you to collaborate with students. In the initial partner meeting, you can propose a current business challenge you would like to address. Based on the scope of this challenge, we will identify opportunities for you to work with academic researchers to complete scholarly research, work with an MBA student to complete a discrete project, engage with one of our student business consulting practices, hire a Rotman student for an internship or present a business challenge to an MBA project team to solve through design thinking and other methodologies.

Recognizing Your Support

  • Your support of the Institute for Gender + the Economy will be central to our ability to achieve our mission. Without corporate partners engaged in dialogue with us, we cannot mobilize our research to help make change. To recognize the importance of your contribution, we would:
  • Recognize your support in our annual report, various multi-media communications and on our website;
  • At your discretion, produce a “stories of impact” video blog;
  • Report annually on initiatives undertaken as a result of your support;
  • Recognize your gift on the Rotman’s Donor Wall;
  • Include your name among a list of benefactors published in our annual donor report and on our website.

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