Teaming up with Women in Capital Markets (WCM), the Institute for Gender and the Economy (GATE) hosted a design sprint on October 1, 2018, with 15 teams of Rotman MBA students to develop solutions for one of capital markets most persistent challenges: career longevity for women.

Rotman MBA students

Research shows that women enter capital markets at a slower rate compared to men, but leave much faster. Many banks and financial institutions have tried to implement solutions to ‘fix the leak,’ but haven’t been successful.

With help from the Rotman Women in Management Association and Rotman Finance Association, WCM and GATE developed a challenge that used design thinking and empathy to encourage students to propose solutions focused on influencing structural change in capital markets.

The challenge question:

You have complete control to design the ideal capital markets workplace. How might you design this workplace so that Dee (user persona) could develop a long-term and meaningful career?

We received many outstanding ideas in response to this challenge, primarily centred around creating a more inclusive environment for everyone.