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Topic: Freada Kapor Klein & Mitch Kapor on ‘Closing the Equity Gap’

GATE Academic Director Sonia Kang hosted a discussion with Freada Kapor Klein and Mitch Kapor, who launched Kapor Capital together to prove that investing in gap-closing startups—companies whose services or products close opportunity gaps for both communities of color and low-income communities—is good business. Freada and Mitch recently co-authored a book Closing the Equity Gap, which shares their approaches to create wealth while simultaneously addressing the inequalities in startup investing.

At the event, Sonia discussed with Freada and Mitch about what the future of equitable investing and business can look like. Freada and Mitch shared their core belief that all companies must make a positive impact and that the obstacles entrepreneurs overcome in life are a far better predictor of long-term success than the schools they attend or investment dollars they raise from friends and family. They offered a win-win road map for creating wealth and addressing inequalities by investing in ground-breaking tech.

 “There isn’t a one size fits all model for gap closing. We take it sector by sector. If you take a particular sector than you can look at an investment opportunity and ask, who is this going to benefit?”

– Mitch Kapor