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Create lasting, disruptive change

In this experiential elective course now offered for MBA and undergraduate students at Rotman, students will be exposed to leading research on the ‘root causes’ of complex gender-based challenges. They will also conduct fieldwork to more deeply understand these challenges from a ‘human perspective, and refine them into tangible problem statements in order to build and test prototypes that will be presented to academic and government leaders.

In the video below, instructor Nika Stelman briefly discusses the course and what students will learn.
By participating in this course, students will:
  • Develop a sound understanding of Rotman business design theory
  • Obtain practical experience in applying design-thinking framework, inclusive of advanced interview & reframing techniques, to complex challenges
  • Gain a deeper understanding of gender-based economic challenges
  • Develop insights into market and social innovation
  • Work with industry and academic leaders to design innovative solutions for real-world problems
  • Get comfortable advocating for controversial points of view and preparing to manage opposition and conflict

See coverage of the course in MetroNews, and get the infographic about this course.

Not offered in the 2023-2024 academic year.