The Gender Analysis Competency Framework is a description of the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to conduct gender analysis. The framework outlines the core competencies for varying levels of experience.

The Framework is broken into three sections:

  1. The 5 W’s (What, Why, Where, When and Who of Gender Analysis)
  2.  How: Applying Gender Analysis
  3. Organizational and Cultural Support

While the competencies are separated out into individual categories, they are clearly interrelated.

Levels of experience

The framework identifies three levels of competence: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. These do not necessarily align with seniority.

  1. Basic: Appropriate for those who are interested in understanding gender analysis or expected to participate in part of the process; or for senior leaders who need to know how to commission and interpret gender analyses.
  2. Intermediate: Appropriate for those practicing gender analyses in day-to-day work; or for those expected to work with experts.
  3. Advanced: Appropriate for gender advisors or those working in the area of gender equity; or for those who need to be experts in gender analysis.