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Gender-based insights can inform innovative new ways of working, doing business and designing policy.

Take  snow  plowing:  Most  municipalities focus  on  getting the roads  clear after  a major  snowfall. But when  you clear snow from  roads  before you clear  the sidewalks, it turns  out that  you get many  more  slip-and-fall accidents — and  most  of these are women, because they  are more  likely to be out walking  kids to school in the mornings.

What  about car safety? Women are 47 per cent  more  likely to be injured and 17 per cent more likely to die when they get in a car accident because most vehicle crash tests are done with crash test dummies that are male-sized and have male features.

In the  realm of investment management, research shows that  women are highly likely to leave  their investment advisors when their  spouses pass away because those  advisors had never worked with them effectively. And facial recognition technology is coming under fire for many reasons these days, but one important one is that these tests are much  less accurate in recognizing women’s faces, especially women of colour.

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