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Sarah Kaplan, Professor of Strategic Management. Rotman School of Management; Sue Meirs, COO – Funds Structured Market Sales, Barclays (New York) & Jackie VanderBrug, Senior Vice-President and Investment Strategist, US Trust Bank of America (Boston) spoke together on January 29, 2015 on Investing with a Gender Lens

Event Synopsis

Investing with a gender lens can create financial and social impact by increasing women’s access to capital, promoting workplace equity, and creating products and services that improve the lives of women and girls. Sarah Kaplan and Jackie VanderBrug co-wrote an article titled “The Rise of Gender Capitalism” for the Fall 2014 issue of Stanford Social Innovation Review. Barclays PLC is capitalizing on investor interest in women in leadership roles with a new product that will follow the performance of major U.S. companies with female CEOs or directors. Barclays created an index of 85 companies that either have female CEOs or have at least 25-per-cent female directors on the board. It issues Barclays Women in Leadership exchange-traded notes to track the index. The notes trade on the NYSE Arca Exchange.

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