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On November 16, 2016, we convened research scholars in our first annual research roundtable to discuss the latest findings on gender and the economy. The event included a keynote address from Professor Julie Nelson, University of Massachusetts, Boston, on “‘Essential Natures’?: The Invention of Risk-Averse Women and Bottom-Line Companies,” an idea blitz of work in progress and a scholarly debate on the value of quotas.

“Essential Natures”?: The Invention of Risk-Averse Women and Bottom-Line Companies

Julie Nelson, Professor of Economics, University of Massachusetts, Boston

See video clips of her talk here and here.

Idea blitz: research presentations from Rotman researchers on:

Women on corporate boards
Preventing sexual assault
Innovation acceleration
Socio-economic background and mentoring
Gender and organizational networks
Occupational stereotypes

Oxford-style debate on the proposition: Quotas are an important and useful tool for achieving gender equality in organizations

See a summary of the debate here in our latest research brief.
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