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We have two exciting ways for you to learn about Gender Analytics!

What is Gender Analytics? It’s a powerful way to uncover hidden opportunities for innovation and improved effectiveness by using a gender lens to analyze your products, services, processes, and policies.

Our courses are designed to help leaders discover how gender identity, Indigeneity, race, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, and other identities and their intersections shape your organization’s impact.

“Most organizations don’t appreciate the hidden ways that gender and other intersecting identities can shape outcomes. We are introducing Gender Analytics to provide executives, managers, and analysts with core competencies in uncovering risks and opportunities that can lead to innovative product, service, process, and policy design.”

Sarah Kaplan, Founding Director, GATE

Online Executive Program to earn a micro-credential

  • Who should take this Executive Program? Business leaders looking to innovate in their product and service offerings; Business analytics experts looking to extend their skills to questions of equity; Human resource professionals looking to be more effectively support business innovation and growth; Gender and women’s studies experts who are seeking job-related applications for their skills
  • Take one course covering 4 modules: Basics of Gender Analytics, Data Collection and Analysis for Inclusive Analytics, Design Thinking for Gender Analytics, Transformational Leadership
  • Experience hands-on learning about analytics and human-centred design
  • Learn from many exciting new case studies, podcasts, and videos about how Gender Analytics has been applied to innovate new product and service offerings
  • Gain detailed guidance on how to complete your own Gender Analytics workplan for your own organization and submit it as proof of course completion
  • No quizzes; focus on your own self development
  • Earn a micro-credential: Certificate of Professional Achievement from the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management’s Executive Programs
  • Participants receive additional benefits and discounts, including:
    • 25% discount for additional eligible Rotman Executive Programs
    • A one-year online subscription to the award-winning Rotman Management Magazine
    • Access to the latest news, thought leadership, and more from Rotman Executive Programs
    • A referral discount for your friends & family
  • Total cost of program: $799 CAD plus HST
  • Eligible for OSAP micro-credential funding for Ontario residents
  • If a whole group of colleagues in your organization would like to take the course, we can offer a special version of the course for organizational groups of 15 or more. Please contact Magda Tarczynska and for more information.

Online 5-Course Specialization on Coursera

  • Who should take this course? People from all sectors—business, government, non-profits, and education—who want to improve their products, services, programs, and policies, including people interested in Gender-Based Analysis and Gender Budgeting.
  • 5 Courses: Gender Analytics for Innovation, Inclusive Analytic Techniques, Human-Centred Design for Inclusive Innovation, Transformational Leadership for Inclusive Innovation, and the Capstone Project
  • Pick and choose your courses or take or all 5 to complete the Specialization which includes a capstone project on gender and financial lending
  • Experience hands-on learning about analytics and human-centred design
  • Earn a Course or Specialization certificate from Coursera
  • Take and pass quizzes in each course to prove your competency
  • Total cost of program: Prices are set by Coursera. Your cost will depend on your Coursera plan and how much time you take to complete a course or the Specialization, whichever you choose to pursue. Please check Coursera for the pricing options in your location. Financial aid from Coursera is available for some learners.

Benefits of Gender Analytics

Competency in Gender Analytics will empower you to:

  • Demystify key concepts related to gender and intersectionality
  • Ethically collect qualitative and quantitative data Use human-centred design and empathy to interpret insights
  • Engage in rapid prototyping to design products, services, processes, or policies with customers, beneficiaries or target audiences
  • Assess the impact of inclusive design solutions
  • Align your organization to execute Gender Analytics effectively
  • Become a transformational leader, able to harness diversity to create powerful insights and innovations