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In May 2019, the Rotman School of Management hosted the Women and the Workplace Symposium, a two-day event funded by the Government of Canada’s Labour Program. The symposium brought together leaders and champions of workplace diversity from across Canada to share tools and best practices employers need to advance women in the workforce and participate in an ongoing dialogue.

In the video below, GATE Director Sarah Kaplan busts five myths regarding women in the workplace and outlines actions organizations and governments can take to achieve progress towards gender equality.

The myths include:
  1. Promoting diversity contravenes meritocracy
  2. Gender career gaps are a product of “choice”
  3. We have to “fix the women”
  4. Controlling bias is about changing individuals
  5. Focusing on large corporations will change the game

To learn more, check out the research briefs and infographics prepared by GATE as the #Womenintheworkplace Symposium Knowledge Partner, here.